Cathedral Window Jelly Dessert

Cathedral Window Jelly Dessert Recipe

Found this recipe (and image) on Facebook (or it found me?) – posted by Romelyn-Ai Madia Fuentes Will try this one day! Colored Gelatin • 1 (3oz/85g) box of strawberry jelly powder • 1 (3oz/85g)…

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Filipino Fish Roll (Lumpia Shanghai)

These are great finger food.   Fish Lumpia Shanghai / Fried Fish Spring Rolls Instead of reinventing the recipe, checkout Filipino Food Feast FFF: Fish Lumpia Shanghai (Fried Fish Spring Rolls) 


Running your own restaurant…

Another You Tuber I follow is Lanhawk59, also known as Bill. With his partner they have their own home based restaurant which works well for them. He has featured a few videos regarding his restaurant…