Youtube Philippines vloggers….


Wow .. there are quite a few vloggers based in (or vacationing)  the Philippines talking about their experiences. Their highs and lows.

They all have their different viewpoints and share different experiences – you may not like them all – but have a look, check them out. Make your own judgement.

Reekay ‘Life Beyond The Sea’ Valeez –

Shares his adventures of being in the Philippines.

Matt Wilkie

Matt covers a variety of topics regarding the Philippines. Also covers Spain as well.

Travis Kraft

From what I understand Travis is a bit of celeb in the Philippines. Check out his channel.


Share’s his experiences in the Philippines, including his monthly budget

Aheezy Da Island

Covers his familys monthly budget, affordable housing, places to visit and more

B Adventures

Has 2 series covering his holidays in the Philippines – well worth the watch

There are more vloggers.. will share them another day :)




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  1. Karen Sumando | June 3, 2016 at 8:25 pm | Reply

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